Intelligent Document Management And Archival

Store, search, sort, and manage your documents with speed and efficiency.

Content Based

Extract data from your documents using OCR to make them searchable and automatically organized

Speedy Sharing

One click functionality to allow others to upload or view documents with a link. Revoke access just as easily.

Secure Cloud

Know your documents are safe and encrypted with 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption.

Coming Soon Form and Table Data as well as Mobile App!

You'll be able to extract form and table data from scanned documents. You'll then be able to consume this data via exports and integrations.

With the new mobile app you'll be able to scan, upload, and view your docs while on the go easier than ever.

Awesome features

Our platform has the tools and features that allow you to actually use your data.
Ex. we automatically extract basic fields like Email, Phone Numbers, and Websites.

  • Powerful OCR
  • Coming Soon: Zoned Capture Fields
  • Full Text Search
  • Coming Soon: Form and Table Data
    Coming Soon: Mobile App for iOS!

Multiple Users

Have multiple user accounts to share data and get more done.

Tag Documents

Group like documents automatically with custom filter criteria.

Modern Interface

We provided a clean intuitive interface that allows you to focus and get things done.

Awesome Support

You can contact your support team and get a personalized response within minutes.

Build something

Utilize our API to build a custom app tailored for you business.

Building tools

We have an excellent REST API that you can integrate with.

Improve User Experience

Utilize our data to improve and automate things for your users.

Launch time

Let us do all the heavy lifting allowing you to deploy sooner.

Want to work with us?

We love helping our customers with custom workflows.